How's The Pool?

Coming soon: Know what to expect with the first swimming pool temperature forecast! (Only for unheated outdoor swimming pools.)

Before slathering on the sunscreen and packing up the kids, get an estimate of the temperature of the pool. Provides estimates of current conditions, as well as an hourly forecast for the next 7 days.

Reminder: these pools do not have temperature sensors, so this relies on forecast data, which may not be accurate. Also, there are many factors that we don't have enough information to take into account, such as when the last time was that the pool was drained and re-filled, when the pump is run, whether and how often there is a heater and/or cooling system, etc. Eventually we hope to take into account nearby structures that will affect shade during parts of the day, but that is down the road a ways. Overall this tool (once ready) is expected to provide a very good guess as to how the pool temperature should look in the next few days to allow you to better decide if or when to go.

Current status: building out the prototype. Gathering training data. Hoping to have the site operational before the end of summer, 2023.

Update 7/5/2024: this project has been on the backburner unfortunately, but development has picked up again in my limited spare time. Currently I am iterating on the base version of the AI model that will learn to understand weather patterns -- but not pool temperature. I am training it on historical weather data from several major cities around the US and it is performing well. Soon I hope to build the updated version of the pool temperature weather logger and start the process of training the system to predict pool temperatures.